We’re focused on one thing: Making coffee that’s consistently full-flavored and always smooth, never bitter.

Experience Blair Hall and see for yourself.

Blair Hall’s Joseph Mercieca directs a proprietary roasting process that he developed over many years roasting coffee for family and friends; all the while developing unique blends and roasting techniques.

Our coffee is roasted, blended and packaged when orders come in so we can provide the freshest coffee to our customers. For every blend, we roast the beans from different origins separately as they each have their own temperature/time recipe; we then blend them together. Our customer feedback includes comments about the freshness, aroma and overall condition of the coffee they receive.

Here’s our story in a nutshell…Joe and Paul are brothers. Mike grew up a few blocks from Joe and Paul on the west side of Detroit. Ryan grew up in southwest Detroit and met Joe through work.

Paul and Mike ride together during a high school alumni golf outing. Mike asks about Joe and finds out that Joe has been roasting coffee for friends and family for 20+ years and has created some really good blends. Paul tells Mike to contact Joe and try some.

A few weeks after the golf outing, Mike meets Joe at a Tim Horton’s coffee shop and learns that Joe is looking to create a coffee brand but needs help with all the things required to launch a brand besides roasting and blending the coffee.

Joe, Paul, Ryan and Mike are the co-founders of Blair Hall Coffee. (I know there’s a bunch of stuff I’m passing over, but it would take forever to explain and we would rather have you spend time looking at the various blends we make.)

Our purpose is simple: To bring great coffee to coffee lovers everywhere.

Welcome to Blair Hall.

– Mike